Wholesale Mineral Makeup

Put your salon on the map with wholesale mineral makeup in Australia designed to boost the health and performance of skin while delivering stunning coverage and elevated beauty. At Face By R, we understand that beauty starts from within, so we’ve formulated a delicately lightweight line of mineral makeup that sources local Australian ingredients to let the skin breathe and thrive. Your clients will love the feel of our mineral products, even once it’s been removed, experiencing fresh and clean skin after a full face of makeup.

Expand your Salon with quality products

Serving the cosmetics industry with fantastic wholesale makeup in Australia, our products are sure to help your Salon grow. We’ve designed a number of mineral makeup bulk wholesale packs to get you started, as well as helpful educational tools on the best ways to use our products and new industry insights into makeup application. For salon owners looking to expand their capabilities, we offer three starter packs. These packs include the following:

  • Starter kit — Along with a substantial supply of skin, eyes and lip products, and all the tools, we also offer value-adding education. With our starter pack, you’ll receive three free online coaching sessions that are one hour each, which you can spread across three weeks. We’ll also provide you with ongoing support at no extra cost.
  • Medium kit — Included in this pack are all our makeup supplies and six free online coaching sessions that are one hour each, which you can spread across four or six weeks.
  • All-in kit — Sign up for our complete wholesale makeup kit for a huge selection of our products as well as free salon coaching that covers topics from makeup to business coaching.

Beauty starts from within

Glowing skin starts from within, and that’s why Face By R have created natural and lightweight makeup that allows the skin to breathe no matter how thick the coverage. Made from locally sourced vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, our wholesale mineral makeup in Australia will boost the performance of our skin.

For bright and vibrant glam looks, our eyeshadow palettes are made from a highly pigmented, vegan formula that provides crease-resistant and long-wear beauty. Blending seamlessly with our fine-haired brushes, you’ll find a great colour variety in metallic and matte finishes. Our lightweight range of mineral-enriched foundations deliver great coverage without clogging pores, leaving a soft powdered finish and broad-spectrum sun protection for your face. 

For hydrated lips, our selection of lipsticks and lipglosses have been formulated using a special blend of nourishing oils and butters that are designed to soothe and soften cracked lips. They feel light on your lips and deliver a comfortable and long-lasting colour. If you’re looking to stock up on mineral makeup supplies, our wholesale products are sure to complete your collection and allow your creativity to run free.

Master your beauty routine with the Face By R finish

Designed by industry professionals, our proprietary blend boosts the health and performance of your skin with great coverage to elevate your beauty. If you’re looking for mineral makeup in bulk for wholesale purchase, we deliver a premium range of the latest in beauty trends. Catering to salons and freelancers alike, our wholesale mineral makeup in Australia offers a groundbreaking product range that delivers a professional finish.

Order mineral makeup supplies wholesale from Face By R

Assisting makeup artists and salons to develop their brand and deliver quality beauty services, our stunning collection of wholesale mineral makeup in Australia for skin, lips, and eyes will transform your business. For more information on our exquisite product range, fill out our sign up form, give us a call on 0407 507 823 or email us at admin@facebyr.com.au to speak to one of our experts. Work with a beauty retailer that you can trust and order your wholesale mineral makeup in Australia from Face by R today!

The origins of our mineral makeup

Born from a desire to provide makeup that elevates a person’s natural beauty while benefiting the health and performance of their skin, Face by R is our premium, wholesale mineral makeup range that has been carefully crafted by industry professionals to protect and hydrate.

The founder of Face By R, Reegyn, is a licensed professional beauty therapist. She grew frustrated with the way her clients would leave her salon with a healthy glow only to return for their next visit with their skin in bad condition. And by putting one and one together, she knew this was due to the makeup her clients used — thick and pore-clogging makeup that is just not suitable to the unique climate.

So Reegyn started the process of creating natural mineral makeup to cater to her clients' needs. Giving women access to quality makeup that not only looked amazing but also kept their skin healthy and protected. 

Nothing but the best for your clients

We exclusively sell our mineral makeup supplies wholesale to the beauty industry, ensuring professional care and education is provided to the end customer. After providing your customers with a fabulous facial or other procedure to give them healthy, glowing skin, they won’t want to spoil your hard work by applying toxic, aging, pore-clogging makeup. Our mineral makeup will ensure the benefits of their salon visits last longer.

If you are looking for wholesale mineral makeup in Australia, look no further than Face by R. We are dedicated to providing makeup that will not only make a person feel confident, beautiful and elevated but will also maintain skin health. We are confident you will be impressed with our range of makeup specifically suited to the harsh Australian climate. Buying mineral makeup in bulk at wholesale prices means that both you and your customers can save money.