About Face By R

Founder of FACE BY R, Reegyn is a passionate Beauty therapist whose passion is transforming and educating clients on their skin and getting them the best results. Finding it hard to find a suitable make up to use on herself and clients that aligned with what she was passionate about – she created her own and FACEBYR was born.

 If you find yourself spending money of Skin treatments in Salons, Only to apply makeup that clogs & blocks your Pores!! Well your not alone that is why FACEBYR promotes healthy Skin and Supports Treatments you have in your local Salon, So Reward yourself & Your skin by using FACEBYR. "Your Beauty is our Passion"

FACEBYR is an Australian made product designed to create a simple, healthy, and gorgeous finish on the skin – that is light weight, protecting and hydrating.

  1. FACEBYR was designed to create breathable make up which supports the skin & aligns with supporting what treatments a Beauty therapist performs on you– making you feel wonderful and giving you the results you deserve.
  2. We are Australian owned, created & loved! Supporting our Australian economy and using TGA ingredients that are all safe & extremely protecting for any climate!
  3. We follow the latest trends of makeup artists and the industry to ensure FACEBYR products give you exactly what you are after!!
  4. Ingredients – we have worked closely to ensure that our ingredients are Australian made to maximize the health & performance of your skin!
  5. Vegan – we ensure our products are vegan where possible including our brushes!
  6. Cruelty Free -FACEBYR is 100% cruelty free!

Universal for everyone! We have a shade, colour and application for every skin type, tone, hence why you will fall in love with it!